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Action Home Loans NSW based in Sydney understands the needs of property investors are different to those of owner-occupiers. We have an extensive range of investment home loans designed to help you meet your specific financial goals. We make property investment easier.

1. Develop your investment plan

Understand your reasons for investing: Set yourself achievable goals. Clarify what your motivations are for investing in property, so that you never lose sight of your investment goals. An accountant or Financial Planner may be able to assist you with this process.

2. Obtain a loan pre approval

It is helpful to understand how much you can borrow before you start to look for a property. This will help you keep within your mortgage affordability range.

3. Do your research

Obtaining accurate and credible information from reliable, recognised sources will assist you to determine the most appropriate market and property to invest in.

4. Select your location

Choosing the right location will give you a better potential for price growth over time. This is normally a result of local supply and demand, so do your research on past sales.

5. Appoint a licensed conveyancer / solicitor

Appointing a conveyancer / solicitor provides you with the legal resources to get early advice on a potential purchase.

6. Select your property and make an offer

Look for a property that has strong local tenancy demand and owner occupier appeal. That way – if and when you come to sell, you will have a property that is attractive for investors and owner occupiers. If possible, sign the Contract "subject to Finance and Inspections",Obtain a Pest and Building report (if not new) and ensure that you have full finance approval.

7. Get Full Finance Approval

It is important that you get full finance approval so you can confidently sign contracts with the knowledge that you have the funds to settle the property. If you're bidding at auction it is essential that you have full finance approval before the auction, as a successful auction bid is binding.

8. Organise your insurances

Any insurances you decide to take - landlord, building and contents, and personal income protection should be in place prior to settlement.

9. Settle your property

Your conveyancer / solicitor will handle the entire settlement process. Once the property is settled, you will start making your mortgage repayments.

10. Appoint a Property Manager

Appointing an experienced and professional Property Manager is key to is the success of your property investment. If available, on-site managers, such as those within larger complexes can be a good choice for managing your property.

11. Obtain a Quantity Survey (QS) report

A QS is a depreciation schedule, outlining the tax deductible investment property building, fittings, fixtures and construction cost items. Ask your financial adviser or accountant about how to get the best out of your depreciation schedule.

12. Submit an Income Tax Variation Withholding Form

This Australian Tax Office form, if approved will enable you to be paid your investment tax credits each time you are paid by your employer - rather than waiting to the end of the final year for your refund. Again, talk to you financial adviser or accountant about whether this is an option for you.

Once you have a reasonable grasp of these points, the rest of the process should fall into place reasonably easily for you.

Action Home Loans are well equipped to help you with any property investment questions that you may have, as you prepare your foundation for taking your 1st step into Property Investment.

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